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Catalyzing Self-Aware Leaders

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What songs take you to heaven?

It is healthy to let our imaginations turn to eternity. Jon Ball, the regional coordinator for theological formation in InterVarsity, regularly asks us this question, “What are you looking forward to in the new creation?” This is not a question intended to make us ignore our present circumstances, but a question to help us stayContinue reading “What songs take you to heaven?”

The 3 best leadership gifts my dad gave me before he died

It’s graduation season. I love seeing the celebratory photos of kindergarten and college diplomas. I love telling students they are upperclassmen now and are being entrusted with greater leadership in the ministry. Father’s Day got me thinking about one of my biggest transitions in leadership. Unbeknownst to any of us, during my first year ofContinue reading “The 3 best leadership gifts my dad gave me before he died”

The Gift of Presence

“I have no profound pastoral words, but I have fish tacos,” I said to a few friends as we gathered in a park to be together after receiving some distressing news. I have found myself, as one who keeps a pen and paper on me at all times, often wordless these days. So much death,Continue reading “The Gift of Presence”

What to do with your white guilt when you want to dismantle white supremacy

Eight people, six of whom were Asian American women (Soon C. Park, Suncha Kim, Yong A. Yue, Hyun Jeong Park Grant, Paul Andre Michels, Xiaojie Tan, Daoyou Feng, and Delaina Ashley Yaun) were murdered this week by the hands of a white terrorist. (image from @therealphilliplim) It was evil, racist, sexist, and another one ofContinue reading “What to do with your white guilt when you want to dismantle white supremacy”

Your life begins with mystery

“It’s a good thing he has an element of mystery to you, otherwise you would try to manipulate him.” My spiritual director said this to me when I was deciding if I should marry Mike. My director’s words were wise. My constant need for more knowledge was actually a dangerous hunger for control. I wantedContinue reading “Your life begins with mystery”