Eight Attentive Questions: to help you become more like Jesus
by Kelly J. Aalseth

Do you believe Jesus is proud of you? Are there ways you’re not so proud of yourself? Maybe you are snarky when you want to be gracious, hasty when you want to be mindful, or avoidant when you want to be serving. Jesus wants to help you become your best self. And this begins with aligning your thoughts with his thoughts. Jesus doesn’t shame or blame you but wants to offer you his loving presence. As you join him in tending to every part of yourself, and experience his delight and joy for all of who you are, you will live to your fullest potential. This book offers eight questions from a coaching perspective to help you be more attentive to yourself as you seek to become more like Jesus.

Book can be purchased here.

Keeper of Your Life: Actively Trusting Jesus Through Chronic Pain
By Kelly J. Aalseth

“Judaism and Christianity were born in environments of scarcity. Followers developed habits–ways of being and doing–that enabled them to not only survive but flourish. Today, those of us int he West live in an environment of abundance. As a result we are largely unprepared when seasons of pain, loss, or tragedy strip us of our resources or press us to our limits.

As a young woman struggling with fibromyalgia, Kelly J. Aalseth has been forced to learn the deep and ancient rhythms of prayer, patience, confession, and community. I am delighted that she has taken the time to document her journey and share what she has learned. She is a good guide for the rest of us who will all eventually join her on the pathway of pain. With Biblical support, she gives practical advice that will help one move towards God rather than away during these troubled seasons.”

Steven Stuckey
Pastoral Care Specialist with InterVarsity

Book can be purchased here.

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