A Prayer for Social Media Use

In my last post, I gave a few ideas for how I am trying to develop some healthier habits in my use of social media. One of those habits is learning to pause and pray before I turn on my phone each day. Here’s my prayer. Feel free to use this as an idea and edit it for yourself:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

As I turn on my phone today, let me do so with an awareness of your presence with me.

I do not scroll in secret, but in communion with you, God, who knows all things, and knows all of me.

Thank you for this gift of connection, this canvas for creative expression, this catalyst for social change.

Prepare me now for what I am about to see.

When I see celebration, help me rejoice, and remind me you see my desires too.

When I see injustice, hold me in my grief, and give me resilience and responsiveness to share in the suffering of others.

When I am focused on “likes”, remind me that I am your beloved. Help me look to your approval more than the approval of others.

When I feel surprised, fearful, angered, saddened, or small, help me to breathe…in…and…out.

Holy Spirit, give me strength to stop scrolling when it’s time to stop.

Bread of Life, Living Water, satisfy me today in the ways that only you can satisfy.


(Note: This prayer is also on my Instagram account in a format you can use on social media.)

Published by K.Aalseth

Kelly J. Aalseth is the Coordinator for Leadership Development for InterVarsity in Greater Los Angeles. She is an author, coach, preacher, and trainer.

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